Time To Act: Customer Service Week Has Arrived

October 15, 2013  |  Posted by in Customer Service

By: Jeff Seeley

Customer Service Week only occurs once a year, and it has finally arrived. Businesses of all sizes and in virtually every industry should take the time to observe this holiday of sorts through evaluations of customer service performance and recognition of professionals in the associated positions. As competition continues to heat up amid the economic recovery, organizations need to separate themselves from others in their industries through exceptional customer care.

Branding efforts, sales performances and customer retention figures will often be most contingent upon the successes or failures of support and service given to each client. To maintain the most consistent and preferable customer service operations, leaders will need to regularly focus on training, evaluations and performance metrics.

Give more, get more
CMS Wire recently suggested that customer service representatives follow the four crucial elements of exceptional customer service, which include knowledge of clientele, employee engagement, timely reconciliation of complaints and closing the loop. Just as in any arm of business, leaders must ensure that all employees are prepared for and actively engaged in their responsibilities.

Poor engagement will often lead to damaged customer service performance, especially as happy employees generally yield stronger client relationships. According to the news provider, representatives should be recognized and rewarded for exceptional showings, while those in need of support should be handled with patience and training opportunities.

What better time is there to launch new recognition and reward initiatives than Customer Service Week? When looking into client retention, financial stability and the achievement of many corporate objectives, executives will often quickly realize that customer service professionals play a big role in the successes of their firms.

Make it last all year
Though the run-up to the busy holiday shopping season is the most opportune and obvious time to ensure customer service employees are adequately prepared, businesses should always formulate strategies with the full fiscal year in mind. Mila D’Antonio, writing for 1to1 Media, recently stated that leaders should ensure customer service representatives know how they contribute to corporate objectives and give them opportunities to discuss challenges.

When internal communication begins to deteriorate, companies will be in poor positions to consistently provide strong external support. As such, the source suggested businesses offer employees surveys and questionnaires to ensure that leaders and customer service representatives remain on the same page throughout the year.

At the very least, Customer Service Week represents a perfect opportunity to recognize the professionals – and clientele – who make the business run.

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