Time for Spring Cleaning!

April 2, 2012  |  Posted by in Sales Training, Seasonal

Getting Your House in Order Will Pay Great Dividends Later…

Cluttered Desk

Spring is the perfect time to clean house and rid ourselves of the physical and mental clutter we have collected over the past year and beyond.  In our business life, this “clutter” resides in the form of unresolved problems and inefficiencies that undermine our performance, which can ultimately hinder our success.  Consider these tips to master the ART of getting your business house in order:

  • Administrative – Our administrative function always seems to suffer the greatest neglect.  For this reason, it is often the biggest source of inefficiency and stress – both of which will negatively impact our performance.  Administrative clutter may be as literal as the disorganized piles of paperwork in your office.  Or it could take the form of outdated software or equipment, an overflowing email inbox or underutilized CRM.  Get organized.  Get updated.  Get trained.  Your administrative function drives your efficiency and in many ways your overall effectiveness.  You are kidding yourself if you think it doesn’t impact your bottom line.
  • Relationships – We all know that customer relationships are the foundation for our sales success.  Take the time to identify and consider the weakest among your customer relationships, and then make a purposeful plan to improve them.  Your recommitment to listening is a great start.  Be focused in this effort so your time/attention is spent where the need is greatest.
  • Teamwork – A winning sales year cannot be accomplished by a single individual working in isolation.  We must have optimal alignment and mutual support within our internal team to realize our full sales potential.  Look for improvement opportunities both in your interpersonal relationships with team members and in the processes that support your sales efforts.  Remember to recognize the role of supporting cast members in your successes.  Apply your commitment to customer satisfaction to your internal audience.  The increased synergy and collaboration will reap tremendous benefits in your sales performance.

Left unattended, business clutter will only grow in volume and difficulty to “clean up.”  It distracts us, undermines our credibility with customers, and creates unnecessary stress in our daily work life.  Getting your house in order now will pave the way for greater sales success down the road.

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