Three Benefits of Exploring for Sales Success

August 17, 2017  |  Posted by in Exploratory Process, Relationship Building

“If You Want To Be Interesting, Be Interested.” – David Olgilvy

In pursuit of sales excellence, we often talk about the importance of listening skills as well as a fundamental commitment to listening as a means to gain valuable insights on the needs and motivations of customers. Frankly, that premise cannot be overstated.

But did you know there are other key benefits of exploring with customers? The very act of listening – to anybody –  greatly increases your likeability to that individual. Specifically, asking a person questions about him or herself gives you an instant popularity boost with your audience.

But wait…there’s more! The sales professional who possesses exploratory skills will never again be at a loss for natural, comfortable and engaging conversation with customers (or friends, coworkers, acquaintances, etc.). It is human nature to be interested in one’s self. As such, nothing gets a conversation started like questions about an individual’s interests, experiences and opinions, and nothing will do more to forge a personal relationship than seeking to understand the individual.

It is within our ability – every day in every sales interaction – to gain three critical benefits via the Exploratory Process:

  1. Get the information we need
  2. Increase our likeability
  3. Ensure positive and engaging conversation

Why would any sales professional expect to be successful without exploratory skills?

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