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The Ultimate Sales Research Method

April 10, 2013  |  Posted by in Communication Skills

Sales prospects are opportunities to start meaningful and prosperous relationships that will lead a company to new heights. Sales training can help professionals make the most of any selling situation and help develop strong connections with customers. But it’s also important to remember how to prepare for meetings with interested parties and present product or service information in a way that solves their needs. Introducing a solution to the prospect’s issues or “gap” is key in selling to other companies, but in order to do so, salespeople have to fully understand the client’s business.

Differ the Approach
There are many organizations trying to sell similar, if not the same, products or services to other companies. Standing out is imperative. Professionals are better able to do this after they’ve internalized the purpose of the client company. Preparing for an upcoming meeting means taking the time to research prospects and finding a way to fit the product or service into their bigger picture. As Business 2 Community points out, the real way to make an impact on potential customers is discussing their business, how they view success or where they are headed in terms of future growth.

Dig Deeper
Standing out from the competition doesn’t mean changing the product or service, it means changing the approach to be different from everybody else. Inc. magazine says the “chain of logic,” the reason behind the action, is important for salespeople to understand and work with when coming to a mutual agreement with clients. Some customers may lay ground rules, such as price or quantity, but asking why and exploring deeper into their thoughts might reveal more about their decisions and lead to a successful agreement. Working together, understanding the prospect’s point of view and developing a business connection will lead to success.

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