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The Softer Side of Leadership Development

April 25, 2014  |  Posted by in Leadership Development

As younger individuals continue to step into managerial and supervisory roles at various companies across North America, it has become clear that leadership development investments need to be a high priority of decision-makers in the coming years. While hard-skills training is certainly important for these individuals, enterprises should not forget the importance of the softer side of intelligence.

CLO Media recently explained some of the ways in which companies can boost the effectiveness of their leaders through the development of emotional intelligence, which plays directly into the success a given manager will have in engaging employees. If a manager is completely illiterate in the language of emotion, he or she will rarely be able to create and sustain a healthy relationship with each employee.

With emotion-illiterate managers in charge, the chain of command can be quickly hindered and broken, leading to a lack of engagement from the top to the bottom of the operation. According to the news provider, emotional intelligence skills can be developed through skills training and practice. As these types of lessons cannot be learned without experience, the company should seriously consider mentoring and interactive programs that help boost situational awareness.

The source suggested having rehearsals of sorts that will put participating leaders into common situations that often evoke emotional responses, then work to evaluate performances in these environments over time. Additionally, CLO Media recommended incorporating aspects that push leaders in training to become better problem-solvers on the fly.

Mentoring leadership in sales and other departments can often strengthen the entire firm’s ability to adjust to necessary changes, all the while boosting engagement among employees. Organizations that focus on delivering leadership development programs early and often will be better positioned to excel down the road.

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