Selling Power Blog – The Popularity and Pitfalls of Online Sales Training

November 6, 2018  |  Posted by in Leadership Development, Sales Training

The attraction of online sales training is easy to understand. But as training specialists, it has long been hard for us to accept this trend. The unique dynamic of in-class training sessions to facilitate cultural alignment, team-building and problem-solving are all too imperative to the learning process to be neglected as they are in online sales training. Sales and business leaders seem to be recognizing this as indicated by the decline in the number of requests we have received for completely online training programs. This decline does not mean online sales training is becoming extinct; Rather, it indicates a movement to a different, more appropriate use of online sales training – for the reinforcement of in-class sales training programs.

Carew CEO Jeff Seeley’s blog for Selling Power discusses this topic in more depth. Click here to read the entire Selling Power blog…

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