The Carew Approach

At Carew, we are dedicated to helping sales professionals and sales teams around the globe experience the lasting sales performance improvement that results from strong customer relationships. We believe the key to making this happen is through changing selling behaviors, not just training selling skills. How do we create transformative behavior change on your sales team?

The Four Pillars of Carew Sales Training

Customized Training Content
Experiential Training Workshop
Simple, Flexible, Methodology Based on Human Dynamics
Digital, Blended Learning Reinforcement


The first pillar: Creating training content to which your sales team can relate.

We dedicate ourselves to fully understanding your business so we can create a training program that is completely customized to your organization, the sales challenges you face, and the daily realities of your sales team. Through the deployment of assessments and field study work, a Carew representative essentially becomes a part of your team allowing us to closely align our content to your specific needs.

During Training

The second pillar: A training delivery method founded by adult learning and behavior change experts.

Our delivery method is rooted in the science behind learning. Because experiential learning aligns precisely with how the brain produces behavior change, every Carew training initiative begins with a workshop rooted in experiential learning principles.

With facilitation from the finest and most diverse sales and adult learning trainers in the industry, Carew programs structurally alter the processes in the brain to create selling behavior change that lasts.

During Training

The third pillar: A sales methodology sales professionals can easily incorporate into their daily work.

Based on the research of human resource and psychology professionals, Carew’s sales methodology is designed to intentionally create “Aha” moments that stick and permanently change your sales professionals’ selling behaviors.

Focusing on customer relationships and addressing both the interpersonal and functional sides of selling, our methodology ensures your sales reps easily understand and immediately apply what they learn. Our simple, common-sense, and flexible approach to selling utilizes process models that are adaptable to any sales situation.

Each of your sales professionals will have access to their own personalized digital training center where they can access all their training content in one place before, during, and after training.


The fourth pillar: Post-training reinforcement.

Reinforcement is critical to sustain the performance improvement and financial gains that are a direct result of your training initiative. Link to main reinforcement page.

The Carew Approach to sales training ensures your sales professionals don’t just leave sales training with an idea of what they should be doing, but with new selling behaviors that allow them to improve their sales performance immediately.

The adaptability and timelessness of Carew sales training equips your sales professionals with the selling behaviors they need to succeed in the modern selling environment and beyond! Take a look at our sales training programs.

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