Targeted Strategies Critical for Leadership in Sales Success

December 12, 2013  |  Posted by in Sales Training

As baby boomers begin to retire and younger generations step into managerial roles at many enterprises in North America and abroad, experts have asserted that sales training programs and leadership development have become far more critical in the modern landscape. As sales professionals need to be well-versed in the preferences of their current target demographics, and managers in these departments are tasked with growing revenues, salespeople need access to engaging development opportunities.

Regardless of age, many leaders in the sales department might be falling victim to certain myths, some of which are novel while others have been in circulation for decades. Understanding these myths for what they are is critical, and businesses can ensure that their companies are optimizing their sales departments through more advanced and relevant professional development investments.

Common myth debunked
Run Run Live recently reported that many leaders in the sales department seem to believe that increased activity will always translate to higher revenues and stronger profit margins. However, this could not be less true, as constant and consistent actions that are carried out incorrectly or for the wrong reasons can hinder the financial growth of a company.

Rather, leadership in sales is about finding the most comfortable and beneficial medium between quality and quantity. Yes, the average sales department needs to ensure it is hitting volume-based quotas on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. Simply putting the emphasis on quantity, though, can lead to fewer conversions and poor efficiency in the department.

According to Run Run Live, leaders who believe that increased activity among their staff members will always translate to valuable revenue gains might also think they do not have control over the sales process. However, leadership development programs for managers in the sales department can teach these professionals just how much of a role they play in operations.

Can mentoring help?
Myths often run rampant when a professional has not been taught in a relatively intimate environment. Businesses should consider launching leadership mentoring programs for sales managers that pair experienced and proven individuals with newer hires or those who have recently stepped into a supervisory role.

Mentoring sales leadership programs can positively impact managers in a variety of ways, including much stronger and more consistent self reliance, as well as optimal use of resources through a greater understanding of moving parts. Additionally, mentoring programs can help strengthen continuity of leadership by establishing a talent pool.

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