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Sales and Catastrophes
By | September 14, 2017

Of Catastrophes and Sales…

The unprecedented dual hurricane and flooding disasters in Texas and Florida have left these communities and countless families devastated, and […]

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Exploring with Customer for Sales Success
By | August 17, 2017

Three Benefits of Exploring for Sales Success

“If You Want To Be Interesting, Be Interested.” – David Olgilvy In pursuit of sales excellence, we often talk about […]

Exploratory Process, Relationship Building
By | July 27, 2017

Shaming Customers is Never Productive

It can be truly frustrating when a hot prospect suddenly goes “radio silent,” or the customer who was in full […]

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Instant Gratification and Sales Professionals
By | June 22, 2017

Need for Instant Gratification Undermines Quest for Greatness (in Sales Professionals)

We’ve probably all heard the phrase, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” meaning greatness takes time. Given that truth, it […]

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Summer Sales Splendor
By | June 8, 2017

Turn Summer Sales Slump into Summer Sales Splendor

Summer months can be viewed as the dreaded sales slump or a welcome reprieve from the hectic pace the rest […]

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Typing a Sales Email
By | May 12, 2017

First Words That Will Engage Prospects

This week, we continue our look at improving our odds for lead engagement by looking at words, phrases and salutations […]

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Many Thanks
By | November 17, 2016

Are Your Customers Thankful for You?

This time of year, we often reflect on all the things for which we should be grateful. As a litmus […]

Relationship Building, Seasonal
By | October 20, 2016

Most Common Sales Proposal Mistakes

The quality of our sales proposal often determines whether we get the opportunity to present and move forward in the […]

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Eat, Sleep, Exercise
By | May 6, 2016

Bringing Your Best: 3 Keys to Good Health for Sales Excellence

As sales professionals, we cannot expect to engage our customers in a clear-headed, energized and productive manner if we are […]

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By | March 31, 2016

Resist the Urge to Badmouth Competitors

Taking the High Road Offers Greater Rewards Who doesn’t feel a little surge of joy when we hear a customer […]

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Start with Why Book Cover
By | March 3, 2016

Book Review: “Start with Why”- Reviewed by Scott Stiver, Partner at Carew International

Reviewed by Scott Stiver, Partner at Carew International Why should customers buy your product or service?  Most sales professionals know […]

Communication Skills, Recommended Reading, Sales Training
By | December 17, 2015

Holiday “Lull” Can be Productive, Beneficial for Sales Consultants- Carew International

In the business world, the next two weeks are widely considered the slowest period of the year. But before you […]

Communication Skills, Seasonal
By | October 22, 2015

Tips for Getting More Referrals in Consultative Selling

Sales consultants tend to avoid asking for referrals because it feels awkward or they don’t know how to ask. Considering […]

Communication Skills
By | October 15, 2015

Was Columbus History’s Greatest Salesman?

The incredible successes and failures of Christopher Columbus have earned him a unique role in world history. In honor of […]

Set yourself up for sales success, not failure.
By | September 24, 2015

4 Tips to Make the Most of Your Failures in Consultative Selling

Read the biography of any business icon and you will find that failure played a defining role in his/her ultimate […]

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