SureTrack ™ Customized Training Reinforcement System


Reinforcement is critical to sustain the performance and financial gains of your training initiative. For this reason, Carew International has developed an in-depth, prescriptive and flexible Sure-Track Reinforcement System for use by sales managers with their teams. This 12-part system was created for optimal reinforcement impact, and with full consideration of the time-strapped manager. It is a prescriptive, modular system featuring turn-key activities and materials, delivered with maximum flexibility and minimal prep time for leaders. Carew International will work with your organization to understand manager “touch-points” with sales professionals and develop a customized calendar of reinforcement activities to fit your sales organization’s existing process and schedule.

The 12-part system serves as a roadmap for reinforcement that is easy to follow and execute.  Typically, one key concept is reinforced on a monthly basis resulting in a module-of-the-month approach. For each concept/module, managers have access to a variety of activities and materials for their reinforcement delivery. Just as training is designed to equip sales team members for improved sales performance, Carew’s 12-part Reinforcement System is designed to equip sales managers for success in leading skill reinforcement among their teams.

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