Customer Engagement: A Guide for Effectiveness & Efficiency


You can access your full white paper here: Customer Engagement: A Guide for Effectiveness & Efficiency (pdf)

The Current Challenge we Face with Customer Engagement

The challenge we all are facing is how to choose and integrate the best
tools for customer engagement, both in terms of maximum effectiveness and
efficiency. Today, there are almost limitless forms of communication – active
(phone, SMS, text, email, web chat, Skype) and passive (LinkedIn, Facebook,
company website, YouTube, blog). But this increase in the communication
tools available is accompanied by an increase in opportunities to waste
time by engaging in the wrong communication efforts. Adding to both the
communication assets and time management challenge is the increasingly
broad array of independent third-party intelligence sources such as Hoover’s,
InsideView, Google, Yahoo and similar search engines.

We have all fallen victim to the massive proliferation of spam email
communication, blind meeting invitations, and even presumed meeting
scheduling by misguided sales professionals. We know how misplaced and
ineffective communication looks on the receiving end, but do we have a better
plan for our own business development efforts?

How Do We “Engage”?

Customer engagement is about creating a relationship that can ultimately
lead to a mutually beneficial, long-term opportunity. We have many new
tools to enhance our productivity, but we need to assess our efforts in terms of
quality over quantity. “Box-checking” activities, such as sending out 40 emails
per day, may make us feel productive short-term, but they really do nothing to
advance our cause with customers and prospects.

Communications Game Plan

• Understand which communications vehicles will best serve your business
goals, and which should be left out of your customer engagement plan

• Use social media and technology to cultivate and leverage your
connections for sales: prospecting, gaining referrals and developing new
business relationships

• Use research for better pre-call planning

• Carefully craft a strong, concise prospect message

• Implement a plan to optimize your time and productivity


You can access your full white paper here: Customer Engagement: A Guide for Effectiveness & Efficiency (pdf)

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