Does Your Solution Make the Grade?

November 30, 2017  |  Posted by in Winning Presentations

Use this Check List to Ensure Sales Success

Our solution presentation is often the defining moment of the sales process, determining whether we win the business or walk away empty-handed. It makes sense, then, to do everything in our power to ensure our solution is the only choice. Here is a checklist to assess whether your solution is ready for customer presentation:

Solution Evaluation Checklist:

  • Does the solution close the customer’s primary gap/need? Fully consider your Exploratory Process utilized.
  • HOW did you define the customer’s primary gap? Was it stated upfront by the customer, or did you explore to understand as well as uncover additional and unrealized gaps?
  • Have you fully explored to uncover customer misconceptions, biases and objections?
  • To what degree is your solution based on customer input and research versus your preconceived assumptions and ideas?
  • Did the customer have a role in creating this solution? Can you identify elements of the solution that can be (and should be) attributed to the customer’s keen insights?
  • Are there elements of ambiguity that can be cleared up? Have you defined as clearly as possible the results the customer can expect?
  • Have you leveraged and shared successes of other customers as part of your solution presentation (case studies, customer testimonials or recommendations)?
  • Have you optimized the advantages and benefits of your solution with the customer’s buyer type in mind? For example, recognizing the customer’s role in the solution is particularly beneficial with “Power Buyers,” whereas “Security Buyers” will be especially keen on case studies and customer recommendations.
  • What elements of your solution demonstrate your total commitment to the customer (i.e., what have you created or customized to meet the unique needs of the customer)?
  • How will you help the customer visualize the future WITH and WITHOUT your solution? This may be comparing action with inaction or comparing your solution with others being considered. How will you make that visualization as compelling as possible?

Walking through these questions prior to presenting will help ensure your solution is thoughtful, provocative and provides high value to the customer.

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