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Sales Training Should Never Fall to the Wayside

June 20, 2013  |  Posted by in Sales Training

In today’s competitive and challenging business environment, sales training is more important than ever before. Not only do employees need to know how to effectively sell products, but they need to develop the customer service skills to do so in a way that is personal and engaging. Consumers want to shop with businesses that understand their needs, not just the ones with the best material offerings.

Despite how important sales training programs are to organizations in a wide range of industries, leaders must consider that in many cases, it will be up to them to provide these resources. According to UPI, a recent study from Economic Modeling Specialists, a CareerBuilder company, found that college programs for sales are becoming less common. In fact, while 599 higher education institutions provide degrees in geology and 1,571 offer ones in psychology, only 274 supply such opportunities for individuals looking to become sales professionals.

UPI noted that when employees working in sales don’t have access to high-impact training programs, they may not be able to contribute as well to the company’s goals as those who have access to those resources. The news provider noted that one Harris Interactive survey revealed that one-sixth of sales managers who had missed their revenue projections for the year hadn’t received adequate sales training, and this was cited as a contributing factor in the shortfall. Overall, 25 percent of the business managers polled by the research firm reported missing revenue projections.

Jubilee Research explained that formal sales training can also have a major impact on an organization’s outcomes because workers will be better able to effectively market products on the sales floor. For example, the source said that while untrained employees’ first instinct is to “sell, sell, sell,” those who have received training know that they should be asking themselves how to do so or why they should. When individuals understand these factors, they are better equipped to spur purchases and meet their goals. In the process, the business will also see stronger bottom lines.

Additionally, the source stated proper sales training leads to employees who can be trusted and relied upon to work independently. These professionals command strong knowledge of the company’s products and services in addition to selling strategies, and they also may be better at providing a great experience. Jubilee Research pointed out that many strong sales education programs include customer service training, which is essential for employees and managers to communicate effectively with patrons, no matter what challenges arise.

Sales training is a business imperative and fortunately, college isn’t the only place where employees can develop their skills. For organizations to reach their revenue targets and cultivate a satisfied customer base, employees must be empowered to lead the charge. With the help of sales training programs, companies can achieve their best results yet.

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