Dimensions of Professional Selling-Trainer Certification Workshop™ is hailed as the world standard for delivering behavior-based, results-focused sales strategies, tactics, and techniques. The “train-the-trainer” program is intense and comprehensive, providing your own sales and human resource leaders the skills, strategies and hands-on experience to become world-class DPS facilitators.

After participating in our DPS-V sales training program, you’ll learn from Carew’s expert facilitators how to teach the DPS-V program to your internal sales teams. This includes learning how to facilitate via Zoom, or your company’s own web conferencing platform, to utilize screen sharing and other interactive virtual features!

Our standardized Trainer Certification Workshop Virtual (TCW-V) training program is a one-week virtual workshop consisting of two, 2.5-hour (maximum) sessions per day, but can be customized to meet your team’s specific needs.

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