Do your account reps seem to be getting nowhere at accounts where you’re certain there is the potential for new business? Sales success stems from sales professionals’ abilities to not only maintain the relationship they have with an account, but, more importantly, expand their influence at that account.

To expand the influence they have at an account, your account reps must be able to develop relationships with multiple contacts and prove their value to the client’s organization.

Target Account Planning Strategies™ (TAPS) is a proven business growth and sales strategy system that identifies key opportunities and utilizes a step by step plan for improving cycle time and frequency of sales success at target accounts. The result is a more effective and efficient sales approach to keep sales professionals’ time at a target account spent on the highest impact activities.

TAPS is designed to leverage the skills and methods introduced in the Dimensions of Professional Selling®(DPS) workshop to further hone sales skills excellence and elevate your company to “Preferred Position” among target accounts. This dynamic, hands-on program allows participants to use real target accounts to apply the analysis and account planning methods taught to the development of an action plan specific to your company.

Simply put, the TAPS sales strategy workshop introduces a targeted selling and account planning approach to increase the performance, effectiveness and efficiency of your sales professionals’ efforts in:

  • New business acquisition
  • Further penetration into established customer accounts
  • Successful introduction of new products and unique services
  • Insulation from aggressive competitive activity
  • Prevention of price erosion in established accounts

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