Profit Dimensions


Profit Dimensions (PD) is an innovative profit program designed to instill practical financial knowledge and fiscal awareness for improved decision making by all members of your organization. This workshop is utilized by companies who desire improvements in growth, profits, expenses, customer retention and shareholder return, and understand the power of getting the entire team following the same game plan. Our profit programs introduces employees to financial literacy in a fun, highly engaging and non-threatening manner.

  • Understand the importance of cash flow, inventory, cost reduction, sales growth, and margin improvement
  • Identify specific actions to take to increase profits and drive revenue within your company
  • Experience the importance of teamwork in creating profits
  • Analyze the outcomes of various risk and reward decisions
  • Understand basic financial principles
  • Think strategically while thinking competitively

PD participants become owners of a realistic company, where they are given a timeline to meet shareholders’ expectations. Your team will learn how money flows through an organization, and the importance of cash flow, cost reduction, sales growth and margin improvement. They will see firsthand how all areas of the business impact corporate profitability, and how daily, seemingly minor decisions have tremendous impact on increasing profits.

As with all Carew sales training programs, Profit Dimensions goes well beyond an academic approach to the concepts presented. Participants apply the skills and concepts learned in this workshop to your organization – developing specific ideas and actions that will result in a significant, positive and long-term impact on your business. A report which summarizes and prioritizes these action plans is completed by your team at the conclusion of their session. Each PD program is offered as customized training to address the specific needs and challenges of your organization.


Phase I – Simulation Game

  • This engaging and relevant exercise will introduce your employees to critical financial literacy skills in a fun, highly interactive, and non-threatening manner.
  • In this training simulation, participants become owners of a realistic company, where they are given three years to increase profit and meet shareholder expectations.

Participants Learn:

  • How money flows through an organization, the importance of cash flow, cost reduction, sales growth, and margin improvement.
  • How all areas of the operation impact corporate profitability, including but not limited to: production, inventory, transportation, accounting, purchasing, customer service, and sales.
  • How decisions made today have far-reaching and irreversible impact on near-future activities.

Phase II – The 1% Difference

Employees experience the profound multiplier effect that daily decisions have on corporate profitability.  Participants examine how seemingly insignificant decisions, such as reducing price or increasing productivity by just 1% affects the company’s bottom line exponentially. Various “1% scenarios” are presented to show the numerous areas where the principle applies. The impact of these decisions is traced through the income statement and balance sheet measuring the impact on profitability.  The results are amazing, and provide insight to why and how decisions are made in an organization, and perhaps more importantly, what each individual within your organization could do to positively impact your profitability and that of your customers.
The 1% difference is applied to the impact that your organization is having on your customer’s bottom line and how identifying improvement opportunities results in operational and profitability improvements that can make a big difference to your customers, resulting in increased profits and opportunities for you.


Phase III – Customized Applications Exercise

  • Profit Dimensions Program will transfers the skills and concepts from the program to your business.
  • Participants identify specific ideas and actions that will result in a significant, positive, and long-term impact on your company’s bottom line.
  • These ideas are prioritized according to their financial impact and their probability of success.
  • A summary report is provided that summarizes these action plans to improve the bottom line of your company and provides you with a strategic competitive advantage.

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