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Proper Employee Training Begins With Leadership Development

April 23, 2014

Although the trickle-down effect that certain political officials once argued would help the United States economy did not exactly pan out, this type of framework is perfectly applicable in the employee training arena. By focusing on leadership development programs before the deployment of other staff member learning investments, companies will be better positioned to get the most out of their expenditures.CLO Media recently explained that corporate leaders who are in charge of learning program development and delivery must also be placing some of their efforts into self-improvement. After all, when the instructor is not adequately prepared to lead a class or oversee operations on a daily basis, the chain of command can become less resonant and inefficiencies might quickly surface.According to the news provider, one study from Mark Waters and David Wall found that many learning leaders in the modern workplace do not have enough time or resources to continue improving on their own, which can translate to major issues down the road. This is a common line of thinking among analysts and experts viewing the workforce training market, in that leaders need training early and often to remain effective in an ever-changing economic landscape.The source recommended executives use proven assessment frameworks such as SWOT, which is short for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, to evaluate the development needs of their leaders. This same type of assessment process should be applied to all employees, especially when they have not received training opportunities for a long period of time.Organizations that stay on the ball with leadership development programs and other employee training investments will often be better positioned to excel in the highly competitive markets of the modern era. Human capital remains the most valuable resource in the private sector, and investing in performance improvements on this level can be highly advantageous.