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Jeff Seeley Delivers Keynote Presentation at Selling Power Sales 2.0 Conference

March 18, 2015

Carew CEO Jeff Seeley delivered a keynote presentation, People, Process and Technology, at the recent Selling Power Sales 2.0 Conference in Philadephia. In his session, Seeley addressed the gap between sales technology investment and sales performance. "Organizations are investing billions in sales productivity technology; but are they realizing ROI in sales performance improvement?" challenged Seeley, stating, "The lack of sales performance in recent years suggests an element of the sales equation is missing, more specifically, an imbalance between technology and sales skill development." View Seeley's entire Sales 2.0 presentation here.Seeley is a frequent keynote speaker at industry events, national corporate sales meetings and professional conferences, as well as a widely published author of articles and white papers. His presentation at the March Sales 2.0 conference received rave reviews and was widely acknowledged as a highlight of the conference.