Sales Training from Carew International Named among Top 9 by Selling Power Magazine

February 10, 2011  |  Posted by in Sales Training

Just like our customers, Carew uses growth, revenue, and profitability among our key measures for success. But garnering the recognition of experts in our industry is pretty gratifying too. The recent Aberdeen Group study was a significant validation of Carew’s approach to sales training. The May/June issue of Selling Power magazine also singled out Carew International as one of “the top 9 companies to train your sales team better.”

Selling Power stressed our emphasis on transforming the skills, behaviors and attitudes of every participant, and for getting graduates to make a personal commitment to new selling skills. The article also noted that participants in Carew sales training “regularly describe programs as life changing” and “average 30 percent increased revenue and profits compared with competition.”

The write-up was great affirmation. But it also got me thinking about what really separates our seminars from other offerings out there.

The article’s reference to the “life changing” nature of the training is the key. The goal of Carew’s programs is not just to teach sales skills and communications techniques. There are virtually thousands of providers who do that. Our training is all about changing attitudes and behaviors, because that’s what propels overall performance. Carew sales training goes far beyond the transfer of information, beyond a slick new organizational system or common sense reminders of basic professional conduct. We address each participant’s relational and functional skills so as to transform attitudes and behavior and get each one to commit to the customer relationship.

All of us here at Carew appreciate the accolades of Selling Power magazine and we embrace the results of the Aberdeen report with great enthusiasm. But it will always be the impact we see in our customers’ corporate performance that serves as our greatest indicator of success.


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