It's a challenge for inexperienced sales professionals to set themselves up to do their best from the outset and ensure they are prepared to start their careers off on the right foot. In fact, the thought of going on sales calls can be downright daunting for newcomers. In her article, "Top 5 Sales Tips for New Sellers," author Jill Konrath provides tips to help settle the nerves and set new sales professionals on the path to success. But, experienced sellers, take note! These tips will help freshen up your sales strategy as well:

  1. Focus on making a difference, not on selling your product or service. Your clients don't care about what you can sell them. They care about who you are and what difference you can make in their organization.
  1. Slow down to speed up your sales. Don't be too eager at the beginning and rush through your sales meetings. It's not about how many sales you can close in the shortest amount of time. It's about taking the time to get to know your customers and their needs and selling based on what you find.
  1. Pay the price of admission. Do pre-call research! Don't use a universal sales pitch when you call on your customers. When trying to schedule a meeting, personalize your message and make sure your message is tailored for the particular client you are calling on.
  1. Create an account entry campaign. Be patient in your journey to meeting with a decision maker. It will likely take several touches to break through his or her busy schedule. Don't be afraid to engage multiple channels to reach decision makers. Email, phone calls, direct mail, voicemail, and invitations are all possibilities.
  1. Analyze your sales approach from your customers' shoes. What will your customers hear when you call them? Try practicing by leaving yourself a voicemail as if you were leaving it for your customer. If you don't like what you hear, rework your message until you create something that you would respond to if you were the prospect listening to it.

Following these 5 sales tips can be beneficial to all sales professionals regardless of experience, and incorporating this advice into your sales strategy can set you on the path to success!

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