Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone, but countless stories remain about the history made that night and all those who were involved in the game. In the days since Super Bowl LIV, many stories have specifically highlighted the accomplishment of Kansas City Chiefs' head coach, Andy Reid. The stories mention his "team," "credentials," "longevity," and "hard work." Perhaps the most common theme in each of the stories, though, is Reid's consistent focus on the people around him.

Selflessness and Team Orientation

Reports state that in the days leading up to Super Bowl LIV, Reid deflected all talk about his legacy, and placed the emphasis only on his team. They have referenced Reid's past assistant coaches and their records of flourishing as head coaches for other NFL teams after working on Reid's staff. Could it be that by focusing on and caring for the people around him, Reid has achieved excellence in himself? Perhaps the key to achieving our own personal and professional ambitions then, is an ability to focus less on ourselves and more on others?

In our sales careers, we often get bogged down in our own personal bubbles. I need to get that customer to answer my calls. Why did I not talk about that in my sales presentation? How can I reach my quota this quarter? In a world where individualism- and individual success- reigns, we tend to only think about ourselves and the actions we take in isolation. Do we spend enough time considering how what we do affects those around us? Do we give enough thought to the role others play in the actions we take, the decisions we make, or the success we achieve?

Adding Immeasurable Value All-Around

The legacy of Coach Andy Reid and the events of this past Super Bowl Sunday serves as an important reminder to all of us in the sales profession that it's impossible to achieve the sales success we desire in a vacuum. Reflecting on his last 30 years, Reid states, "‚ we all know that it's not a one-man show. It takes a team together. Not just the players, not just the coaches. Everybody.

"We need to ensure we are always focusing on those other than ourselves, specifically our customers. By focusing on our customers and helping them reach their goals, we will ultimately be building ourselves to become what we've always wanted to be, just like Coach Reid.