The slayer of sales is not a slow economy. The killer of commissions is not budget cuts. The most potent prospecting poison is not high unemployment. The greatest impediment to sales success is found in the wisdom of that great philosopher, Pogo the Possum, who so famously said, "We have seen the enemy, and he is us‚"

Excerpt from How Much is Call Reluctance Costing You?

By Jim Blasingame, guest writer,

In his recent article for, author Jim Blasingame writes with great clarity and impact about the demons all sales professionals face and, at times, allow to undercut our sales efforts and sales effectiveness. Read it. Share it. And remember Blasingame's words when you feel yourself slipping into "call reluctance‚"

How much is call reluctance costing you?

By Jim Blasingame

Originally appeared 2/26/18 on

Professional sales people are the most important players in the marketplace.

The justification for my position saying that springs from a classic business maxim: Nothing happens until somebody makes a sale. But professional selling is as hard as it is important, especially at the B2B level. Plus, customer expectations in The Age of the Customer have increased the degree of difficulty in an unprecedented way. So, the last thing salespeople need is to be fighting their own demons, to not be able to get out of their own way.

For example, here are a few selling scenarios that, unfortunately, occur every day:

  • You're outside of a prospect's office, knowing the gold you seek is on the inside, and yet, you won't open the door.
  • You have a mailing or email address to begin the introduction process by sending a relevant piece of content, like an article, but the "Enter" key just won't go down.
  • An important contact you need to meet is in the room at a networking event, but you won't walk over and introduce yourself.
  • The prospect already said "No" once before, and you've convinced yourself that means "Forever.

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