I hope you are a genuine, raving fan when it comes to your company, the products and services you sell, and your role in helping your customers succeed. [Note - If you are not, you should find another job, because life is too short to spend our days doing that which we do not believe in with our heart and soul.]Do your customers understand your passion? More to the point, do you make it your business to ensure customers grasp the full measure of your love and passion for what you do? This goes beyond pleasantries and high-energy sales presentations. Communicating your passion is a daily function and can take many forms. Here are some tips for sharing your passion with customers:

  1. Get emotional. Ours is a culture that appreciates stoic behavior and controlled emotions. But the most beloved people, in business and in our personal lives, tend to be those who are the most open and engaging and don't keep their emotions "in check." This is not to suggest we should weep during sales calls (although it has been done), but don't be afraid to get excited or a bit emotional over new offerings and new value delivered to your customers or a customer's success.
  2. Share stories. It is widely recognized that stories make a sales encounter more interesting and memorable. Personal stories are also a terrific means of bringing your individual personality, sense of humor and enthusiasm into full view.
  3. Keep the energy level high. Be sure your inner excitement reaches your outer self. Your stride, handshake, facial expressions and gestures all can either showcase your enthusiasm or contradict it. Be conscious of your body language and vigilant in making sure it reflects the joy you feel.

Enthusiasm is contagious! So, go ahead, wear your heart on your sleeve when it comes to your adoration for your company, products, and, above all, your customers. Soon, you will see evidence that you have infected your customers with excitement and positivity, and are cultivating your own raving fan club!