We've all heard the phone slam down on the other side of the line. It's simply a fact of professional selling that we will be hung up on at some point. One of the most common reasons we are instantly rejected in this way is because we aren't really thinking about the customer. We're only thinking about the ways in which we can keep our prospect on the phone. But typically, in doing so, we are completely blocking out any concept of how our prospect might be perceiving the call. What's going through their heads? How are they feeling? We'll never know if we don't get out of our own heads.

The conscious effort of actually pausing and taking the time to think about what our prospect might be feeling on the other side of the line is a concept that our Dimensions of Professional Selling sales training program calls the "Odds Are Factor." The "Odds Are" 2:1 that at any point in time, our thoughts are self-focused. But, as sales professionals, we want to flip that so that our thoughts become more other-focused instead of self-focused.

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If we followed the teachings of "Odds Are" when calling on a prospect, we could greatly reduce the chances of being hung up on! So how does this look in practice? When you call a prospect and he/she says, "This just isn't a good time," instead of responding with, "I know it might not be a good time, but I can help you increase your sales by 10%," try saying, "I can understand that it might not be a good time. Would there be a better time for you to talk? In the meantime, where can I find more information about _____ so that I can further prepare for when you do have more time?" With this response, you are consciously making an effort to see things from his/her perspective instead of pushing your own agenda. The more you think of your prospect's perceptions, the less you'll be hung up on and the greater your chance of making the sale!