How a customer feels when he or she interacts with an organization is fundamental to the future prosperity of that business. Customer service directly affects the profitable nature of a company. When this client-facing aspect is lacking within the organization, it may be time for customer service training.

The new year may call for a new approach to how companies cater to their clients. The Houston Chronicle says quality customer service means bringing the consumer and business closer together. This involves an array of strong skills, including knowing how to deal with people without making the situation personal, listening and providing compassion, having a strong vocabulary and resolving the issue in a timely and efficient manner.

The Wall Street Journal suggests looking at three different perspectives when solving customer complaints. When approaching customer service in general, company policy should revolve around the customer, the manager overseeing the service and the employees on the frontline. While it takes hard work for these three factors to work together smoothly, they are all necessary to successfully solve problems and improve customer experience. It's not about immediately fixing the initial problem at hand, it is about building a firmer base for consumer and organization interaction.