The Exploratory Process is widely recognized and utilized as an effective means of handling objections and uncovering needs (GAPs) in the early stages of the sales process‚ but that's just the beginning of its role in your sales success! It is important to remember that the Exploratory Process has tremendous value throughout the sales cycle and in all stages of the customer relationship.


The key to successful negotiations is understanding what customers value most, and to gain that insight well before negotiations start. If the Exploratory Process is part of your ongoing communication with customers, you will be able to uncover, and then monitor, the value placed on each aspect of your product, delivery and service. This is incredibly valuable insight when it comes time to negotiate price and terms.

Competitive Insights

Continual exploration with customers will minimize your blind spot relative to competitors' activity, and just as importantly, their standing with your customers.

Client Satisfaction

Have you ever been caught off guard by the loss of business with a client where you didn't even know there was an issue or dissatisfaction? We must always remember the fluid nature of emotions, attitudes and the business reality of every customer. Things change. Only an ongoing exploratory effort will keep you fully aware of customers' GAPs and your opportunities.

So, when are we done using the Exploratory Process? When we no longer need to understand our customers' attitudes, wants, needs and the business reality in which they are trying to succeed; that is to say, we will NEVER stop needing the Exploratory Process in our pursuit of Preferred Position!