How do you view creativity relative to your role as a sales professional? Whether we realize it or not, creativity is an essential part of our daily sales life. We employ it every time a customer reveals a new gap during our final presentation or brings a new decision maker into the mix during final negotiations.

What we are talking about here, though, is the intentional use of creativity for competitive advantage and sales success. It is easy to view creativity as an accessory, a wouldn't-that-be-nice-if-I-had-the-time endeavor, or an activity better suited for right-brained "creative" types, but that perspective robs us of a super powerful tool in our quest for differentiation and excellence. By its very nature, creativity fosters ideas and actions outside of the norm‚ a prerequisite for differentiation among our competitors; but it goes well beyond that. Consider these reasons to engage creativity for sales success:

Creativity gets you noticed. As sales professionals, we spend our lives trying to differentiate ourselves for competitive advantage. Creativity facilitates doing things differently and outside of the norm.

Creativity breeds problem solving and innovation. Arguably the most powerful value contribution sales professionals can bring to our customers. Success on these fronts cultivates customer loyalty, prompts referrals, and cements productive long-term customer relationships.

Creativity keeps things interesting. Not just for our customers, but for us as well. It is no secret that customers delight in new and innovative ideas that benefit them and their organization; but, as a perk, we get to share in the customer's joy and get energized along the way!

Creativity fosters teamwork and team building. Ground-breaking ideas are not typically developed in a one-person vacuum; rather, they are the product of group brainstorming in which we connect, contribute, and collaborate for a superior outcome. The result? Better ideas and a stronger team dynamic.

Creative endeavors are good for us. Research has shown that creative activities produce endorphins, drive personal satisfaction and relieve stress.

Creativity comes in infinite forms. During the #MannequinChallenge era, the Carew team got creative in an attempt to win the favor of a key prospect. Watch it here, and then tap into your own and others' creativity for improved sales outcomes.