Learning appropriate sales tactics takes time and experience. But with proper sales training, professionals can recognize mistakes before they happen. A prepared and well-planned approach doesn't waste the customer's time and could propel the company forward without any setbacks.

As Carew International's CEO Jeffrey Seeley discusses with Inc. magazine, poor communication skills are among the top mistakes that sales professionals make. Understanding and avoiding poor verbal interactions is the first step to building a strong sales approach. Planning and executing a successful meeting will help maintain a professional attitude and get the job done. Here are three communication tactics worth noting for future client interaction:

  1. Don't Forget the Call to Action. As Seeley points out, business relationships should be developed for a specific reason, not just to add another friendly face to the list. Plan a meeting that includes a call to action and subtly pushes the client to make a decision.
  2. Always Make Calls Relevant. Don't build a relationship for the sake of building a relationship. Ensure that both business and client needs are met during the call and the conversation doesn't turn into a therapy session for the client, says Seeley. Acknowledge what the customer needs and direct the conversation toward discussing the appropriate solution.
  3. Follow an Outline, but Discuss Effortlessly. Too many times salespeople come off as abrasive and forward, forcing clients into uncomfortable situations. Remember, it's important to build lasting relationships, which means it's more efficient to converse in a friendly manner as opposed to playing 20 questions. Seeley points out that the discussed topics should gradually lead to the outlined points instead of being forced.