"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right." -Henry Ford

Because confidence is such an essential part of one's success as a sales professional, it is worth exploring specific habits that cultivate this all-important attribute. In a recent article on Entrepreneur.com, 12 Things Truly Confident People Do Differently, author Travis Bradberry identified the behaviors we should all incorporate and demonstrate in our professional life, especially when it comes to using our selling skills. Here is a recap:

  1. Get Your Happiness from Within - Derive your sense of pleasure and satisfaction from your own accomplishments, as opposed to what other people think.
  2. Don't Pass Judgement - Confident people don't need to take other people down a notch in order to feel good about themselves.
  3. Don't Say "Yes" Unless You Really Want To - There are times when saying no is appropriate, healthy and necessary in order to honor existing commitments.
  4. Listen More Than You Speak - By actively listening and paying attention to others, you are much more likely to learn and grow.
  5. Speak with Certainty - It's difficult to get people to listen to you if you can't deliver your ideas with conviction.
  6. Seek Out Small Victories - Confident people like to challenge themselves, even for small yields, and a series of small victories can create a long-lasting boost in confidence.
  7. Exercise - for greater confidence socially, academically, and athletically, as well as for the immediate benefits of endorphin-fueled positivity.
  8. Don't Seek Attention - People are turned off by those who are desperate for attention.
  9. Don't Be Afraid to Be Wrong - Confident people put their opinions and ideas out there to see if they hold up, and don't treat being wrong as a personal slight.
  10. Stick Out Your Neck - Don't let fear hold you back; if you never try you will never succeed.
  11. Celebrate Other People - If you are secure in your own abilities and strengths, you are more likely to recognize and celebrate the contributions of others.
  12. Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help - Know your strengths and weaknesses, and turn to the strengths of others to complement yours.

As you read this list of behaviors, consider how many apply to your daily repertoire, and which are missing. This is the first step in boosting your confidence both personally and professionally!  Read Bradberry's entire article.