Sales Performance Guarantee


Training providers often like to talk about return on investment, or ROI. At Carew International, we guarantee it. Carew’s Sales Performance Guarantee™ offers clients all the benefits of Carew’s incomparable sales training and assessment with none of the risk. The program is simple: clients utilize prescribed sales training and performance skill assessment tools, and, in turn, receive a guarantee on their ROI, based on a pre-determined year-to-year sales increase. In addition, the Sales Performance Guarantee™ program allows clients to spread their training investment over a three year period.

The Sales Performance Guarantee™ program is designed to remove barriers for companies ready to implement sales and assessment programs to support their growth and success. In providing this program, Carew International has teamed with talent management firm HR Chally. This partnership takes the strength of two internationally recognized leaders in their field, with over three decades in sales and leadership development, research assessment and selection.


Sales Performance Guarantee Includes a Simple Three-Step Process:

  • Talent Audit/Assessment
  • Skill Development for Sales and Sales Leadership
  • New Talent Selection

Features of Carew’s Sales Performance Guarantee Program:

  • Guaranteed year-to-year sales increase-  if mutually agreed upon targets are not achieved, Carew will refund up to 100% of total Carew fees, excluding out-pocket expenses.
  • Deferred payment – participants can defer payment over three years. Qualifying clients pay 30-40% up front and the remaining 60-70% over a three year period, covered by a three-year contract.
  • Risk free opportunity to implement Carew’s world-renowned training and assessment program.


When you’ve perfected training and assessment to a science, you can afford to guarantee the results.


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