Reinforcement Critical in Customer Service Training

April 15, 2014  |  Posted by in Customer Service

Many companies are beginning to recognize how important professional development is to long-term success in the sales and customer service departments, which is certainly a strong trend. However, without reinforcement frameworks in place to ensure that participants retain the knowledge garnered during customer service training programs, firms’ investments might not come back with optimal returns.

Business 2 Community recently suggested several ways in which companies can strengthen the reinforcement of customer service training over time, including through the supplementation of classroom-oriented courses with coaching programs. According to the news provider, this type of approach can be especially useful because it will directly and positively drive the likelihood that the lessons are put into motion on an everyday basis.

Another common strategy is to have follow-up courses and tests, but these should not take place too long after the completion of the initial training program, as this could lead to poor results. The source suggested businesses pick out times that would be most efficient for regular check-ins, such as during meetings that are designated for performance evaluations and assessments.

This way, the employee will not go on for weeks or months without retaining the information from the training course. Finally, Business 2 Community noted that the workplace should be viewed as an environment where everyday training and reinforcement are possible, as long as leadership level staff members in these departments are up for the challenge.

Customer service training programs, especially those that are tailored to ensure the most progressive performances from new and existing employees, can substantially improve the revenue-earning power of any company. As competition continues to heat up amid increased economic health, those firms that excel in client retention and satisfaction will be best positioned to outpace competitors.

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