Recommended Reading – Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
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My colleague, Chuck Terry, recommended this book to me because we share a passion for studying individual and organizational marketing and sales performance.  I found this to be ground-breaking material, because it challenges the very foundations of motivation, as traditionally known and practiced in the business community.

Recognizing that a leader’s role in motivating people has everything to do with creating an environment of positive motivations, Pink’s book goes beyond concepts and theories to offer specific suggestions for how to realize this fertile environment.  Pink even provides an engaging and useful Tool Kit at the conclusion of the book to further facilitate the positive changes proposed throughout.

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us addresses an individual’s inherent need for autonomy, mastery and purpose in their work lives, and the power of these elements as chief motivating factors.  Pink offers insights that may startle most current leaders when they consider their current compensation plans for their people.

For Malcolm Gladwell fans, this book is an excellent “How To” companion to Gladwell’s latest publication, Outliers.

Every organizational leader at any level should consider reading this material and seek to implement as many of the practices as possible to raise productivity, reduce turnover and capitalize on the energy within their respective organizations!  Motivation 3.0 is the new hope for the future of work!

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