People Come First, Products Come Second

June 14, 2018  |  Posted by in Closing, Odds Are, Relationship Building

Selling is about people. Not products.

Yes, of course we still have to understand the ins and outs of our product/service if we are going to be successful as sales professionals, but it’s not the product that makes the purchase decision. It’s a person just like us who will make that decision. And this is why, in sales, I’ve learned that people come first and products come second.

Being a product expert won’t close the sale. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be as knowledgeable as possible about the products we sell, because this is an important key in increasing our selling confidence, but before our product knowledge can even come into play, we need to first think of the person sitting across from us.

People want to buy from people who are interested in them and people in whom they are interested. This means that, as sales professionals, we need to become the most interesting person in our prospects’ worlds. We need to care more about our customers than we do about ourselves. By showing genuine interest in and concern for our customers, we will be operating in their “Odds Are” and on our way to forming a genuine long-term relationship with them.

So how do we become interesting to our customers? And how do we demonstrate our interest in them? To start, try putting yourself in their place. How do you like people to engage you? Do you like to be talked over? Most people don’t. So, don’t talk over your customer by blurting out your product’s features. Instead, show your customer that you are interested in them by letting them do the talking while you do the listening. By genuinely listening to our customers and by genuinely connecting with them, even with things that are non-sales/business related, we are becoming interesting to them!

For your next sales call, think about the person more and the product less. View the purpose of your sales call as “meeting someone new” rather than “selling a product.” With this mindset, you’ll be less focused on pushing your product and its features and more focused on connecting with a person which will cultivate mutual interest and ultimately help you develop a long-term relationship for sales success!

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