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Preparation Crucial for Sales Training Program Success

December 17, 2013  |  Posted by in Sales Training

When it comes to sales training programs, the effectiveness of investments will be largely contingent upon the preparations and research that went into content and delivery method development. When leaders do not put much thought into the initial planning stages of a training strategy, the initiative will be far less likely to yield the desired performance improvements and employee engagement.

However, companies can ensure that their sales professionals are adequately prepared for the challenges of the modern market by developing solid plans that are dictated by corporate objectives and employee needs. With the right structure, the content and each delivery method will have a far greater chance of succeeding throughout the term of the program.

Be prepared
Insight Squared, an analytics firm that focuses on marketing and sales research, recently asserted that the best sales training programs always include a highly structured framework that starts before the lessons are taught and ends with long-term measurement. The firm explained that preparations before the coursework, the completion of the actual training, reinforcement following the end of the program and measurement are often critical to ensure the highest returns on sales training investments.

Many leaders do not have extensive experience in the creation and delivery of sales training programs and, as such, should consider using an outsourced firm that specializes in the processes to ensure their employees are having the best possible experience. Although certain components of preparation and execution appear to be intuitive at first, the inner workings of learning and development can be complex.

In terms of structuring the program, though, executives involved in financial management and human resources should get involved in the process. Insight Squared suggested that planning before the course goes into motion should include clear and reasonable objectives, while subject matter should be selected following research of the company’s needs and goals.

Consider mentoring
Businesses need to ensure that the managers and supervisors overseeing the sales department and delivering training programs are adequately prepared. Mentoring programs are an excellent way to ensure consistent and effective leadership in sales departments, as this approach will inherently increase support given to managers and bring them up to speed on best practices in a more holistic fashion than simple classroom teaching.

Additionally, sales mentoring programs can bolster a new manager’s confidence right from the start, which will generally lead to stronger leadership and subsequent employee engagement improvement.

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