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Perfect Inside Sales With Sales Training

March 14, 2013  |  Posted by in Sales Training

The power of conversation is apparent when sales professionals are performing inside sales deals. Face-to-face communication is the preferred medium, but it isn’t always possible. Sales training emphasizes and teaches proper conversation techniques that are a necessary part of garnering, growing and maintaining business with clients. Because a majority of sales are remote, representatives are finding themselves performing more inside sales.

What are Inside Sales?
Forbes defined inside sales as professional sales calls made remotely or virtually. As a direct contrast to telemarketing, an inside sales call relies on genuine interaction directed toward other corporate entities. This may involve multiple calls or modes of communication meant to improve business-to-business relationships. And while this type of interaction does involve quite a bit of customer support, it is not customer service. But with more client interaction being conducted over the phone and meeting in person every so often, sales departments are seeing a hybrid pattern form. This may present some challenges, primarily overcoming growing pains and moving forward with better customer communication.

The Change
The business world is transforming and adapting to a digitally driven realm where communication is changing and networking is happening on a multi-level basis. But whether professionals are connecting with other professionals online or in person, conversation fundamentals are still essential. Sales training programs help employees develop a better sense of genuine and meaningful communication in the sales sector. For instance, Dimensions of Professional Selling® sales training program focuses on building better communication with clients based on understanding the customer’s point of view and solidifying a stronger, lasting relationship. Representatives can turn these teachings into practice and make their inside sales efforts worth the time and energy.

The Strategy
A successful inside sale needs to focus on value. Harvard Business Review points out that sales calls should result in a check being written without having the conversation revolve around price. This is easier said than done, but sales training programs will help professionals identify “pain points” and find an answer that will go above and beyond any other solution that was considered possible. The problems salespeople face could be issues that they had previously viewed as irrelevant, but actually pose a threat. HBR says it’s best to support solutions with company products or services while also offering additional support and resources for clients’ review.

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