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Carew International’s commitment to our clients’ selling success extends to a suite of FREE iPhone and Android Apps. Each sales training app in the B2B Sales Pro series includes key selling concepts, a knowledge test and interactive planning sheets for unlimited use in your day-to-day sales life. Available in both the Apple and Android app stores, the modules and can be used by current clients as additional reinforcement post-training or as stand-alone sales training apps. The B2B Sales Pro training series includes:

  • Handling Customer Objections
  • Diagnosing Customer Needs
  • Winning Sales Presentations

Carew also publishes our sales newsletter, Sales Mentor Weekly and sales leadership newsletter, Sales Leader Digest, via FREE mobile apps. Now sales professionals and leaders can access relevant insights and inspiration anytime, anywhere.

In total, there are 5 FREE apps in Carew’s mobile app collection, available in the iOS (Apple) or Android app store:


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