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by | Jan 10, 2024 | Leader's Digest

Sales is no small feat. Those last-minute, game-changing deals that your team clinched at the end of the year? They become history as the new monthly or quarterly sales cycle rolls around in 2024, setting the stage for another round of challenges and opportunities.

It’s a common observation that most sales teams find their stride toward the end of these sales cycles.

As sales leaders, one of your core responsibilities is keeping your team motivated, energized, and always ready to seize sales opportunities. The key? Momentum.


Set Meaningful Targets, Not Just Quotas

The significance of small victories can be overlooked in the hustle of hitting the big numbers. Break it down into smaller pieces rather than aiming for a large, intimidating sales goal that feels impossible to achieve.

Targets should be realistic, attainable, and aligned with daily activities that contribute to larger sales objectives.

Targets are more than simply closing deals every week, month, or quarter. Your sales professionals should help set those targets, and they should resonate with each team member’s personal motivations and goals.

Momentum naturally builds when individuals see how their efforts contribute to personal growth and the team’s success.



Get Out of the Way, Embrace Failure

Throw micromanagement out the door and embrace a leadership style that truly empowers your team. It’s about standing shoulder-to-shoulder with your team members, offering them the guidance and support they need while giving them the space to grow.

Rethink your focus. Move away from traditional, quantitative metrics such as call or email counts and ask more insightful questions like, “What strategies are you using to achieve your goals this month?” This shift encourages a more strategy-oriented approach and fosters a culture of thoughtful planning and execution.

Recognize that when sales professionals navigate their own challenges and learn from their errors, it enhances their skills but also builds genuine momentum. They become more resilient and adept at handling future obstacles, which is critical to maintaining a dynamic and productive sales environment.



Celebrate All Wins, Big and Small

Acknowledgment is a powerful motivator. Recognize and celebrate the achievements of your team members, no matter how small.

This recognition boosts morale and creates a sense of shared success, further fueling the team’s momentum.



Concentrate on Impactful Actions

A key aspect of leadership is helping your team focus on areas where they can make a real impact.

Encourage your team to learn from past experiences and apply those lessons to future scenarios. Have them share these insights and feedback– this allows for the exchange of best practices and innovative ideas.

This approach builds momentum and fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement.



Cultivate a Culture of Learning

Encourage your team to stay updated with the latest industry trends, sales techniques, and technological advancements.

Consider implementing regular training sessions, workshops, or even something as simple as a book club focusing on sales and leadership topics. This enhances skillsets and keeps your team intellectually stimulated, engaged, and inspired – all helping to create momentum.



Elevate Customer Relationships

If you are at all familiar with Carew, then you know how important relationship building is to us!

Train your team to focus on understanding and meeting your customers’ needs and closing those Gaps.

Building strong relationships leads to customer loyalty, repeat business, and referrals—all essential components of sustained sales momentum.



Lead by Example

Be the leader you want your team to emulate. Display the work ethic, attitude, and values you expect from your team. Your enthusiasm and commitment will be contagious, inspiring your team to mirror your dedication.


Have questions? Want to learn more? Ready to build your training plan? Our team is here to help!

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