Make It Easy to Buy From You

January 15, 2015  |  Posted by in Customer Service, Professional Development, Sales Excellence

Life has become so complicated… continually changing at lightning speed, like a runaway train. What an incredible opportunity for sales professionals who are always are looking for opportunities to add real value to the sales process for their customers. The opportunity is this: Make life easy for them. Incredibly easy. Effortless. Give them comfort. Deliver peace of mind. When working with you, they don’t need to remember deadlines. You will remind them. They don’t have to worry about on-time delivery. You’ve got it covered. They won’t be forced to learn new software to do business with you, because you will meet them in their comfort zone.

Consider the Apple organization. (Tired of hearing references to Apple? There is a reason they are continually held up as the gold standard for product performance and customer service.) Apple sells a very sophisticated and technologically advanced product line, yet it is arguably the preferred brand for both tech savvy and tech clueless customers. When you purchase an iPhone (or any Apple product), you earn the right to walk into the Apple store, hand your new phone to any member of the Apple corps in a red shirt, declare yourself technically incompetent, and take a seat. Your job is done. If you want to learn how to back up the data in your old phone, activate your new phone; transfer all data, and replicate all your settings on your new phone yourself, they will be happy to show you how. But if you just want your new phone set up and ready to go without effort or frustration, your Apple representative will cheerfully take care of the process from start to finish.

We talk about Apple because they are a constant and continual example of exceptional service. We return to Apple because they make purchasing from them a painless experience. And in this break-neck business-at-the-speed-of-light world, that means a lot – in boosting our brand loyalty and deflating our price sensitivity.

What can you do to make life easier for your customers? It may be the path to earning a customer for life!

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