Make E-Learning More Effective Through Interactivity

September 5, 2013  |  Posted by in Sales Training

In the classroom, giving students an interactive experience isn’t nearly as challenging as it is over digital channels. When teachers and their charges are face to face, it’s easier for professionals to use a personal touch to keep everyone engaged and getting the full benefits of their lessons. With e-learning programs, it’s essential that schools, businesses and other organizations choose options that offer the right levels of interactivity to meet their needs.

Strengthening the impact of e-learning
According to ASTD, interactivity is one of the most important components of successful online courses, but the potential for students to become distracted while using electronic devices is high. If the programs being used don’t offer interesting opportunities to think creatively and apply one’s knowledge, it’s possible for students not to reap the full benefits available.

The best e-learning programs feature lessons that are given in a friendly and relatable tone. The news provider cautioned that training courses can sometimes be perceived as “dry and impersonal,” but if the materials are presented in a more conversational fashion, students are more likely to stay interested. Additionally, ASTD pointed out that short, interactive quizzes featuring a variety of question types are also strong resources for students. If trainees are tested on what they’re learning, there’s a greater likelihood they’ll retain the material.

The eLearning Guild advised, however, that testing students’ knowledge shouldn’t stop at methods such as multiple choice quizzes. It’s also a wise idea to select online education programs that help trainees really reflect on the courses, such as by asking learners to think about how the material relates to their current jobs, past experiences or other parts of their lives. Putting everything in context can help people see lessons in a new light and even assist them in remembering more of the content down the line.

Adding a game-like element to e-learning can also boost engagement. ASTD stated incentives such as badges, certificates or gift cards often motivate individuals to do their best, and it’s also critical that students understand the goals of their training. Especially when professionals are participating in e-learning offered by their employers, they should know why they need the skills they’re being taught and how those abilities can be applied to further their careers.

Not every e-learning program offers high levels of interactivity, so leaders looking to implement such tools to enrich their employees should make sure they choose carefully. However, it may be the wrong choice to rely on digital courses alone for tasks such as sales or customer service training. The in-class experience is also highly beneficial for learners at all levels.

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