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March 21, 2019  |  Posted by in Leadership Development, Recommended Reading

By just about any measure – success, wealth, intelligence, humanity, integrity – Bill Gates is an exceptional individual. A recent article on identified six leadership books recommended by Gates, and I knew it was worth reading and sharing since there is a direct application to effective sales leadership. Here is a link to the article: Bill Gates Reads 50 Books Per Year. But Only These Six Leadership Books Made His List of Recommendations.

To the degree that this list of leadership books is worthwhile and gives insight into Gates’ leadership mindset, a more comprehensive list on Blinkist of 60 books recommended by Gates is an even greater treasure. Gates claims to read approximately 50 books per year, and has said, “Reading is still the main way that I both learn new things and test my understanding.”

An Even Greater Treasure… Bill Gates’ List of 60 Book Recommendations

Simply reading the titles in the Blinkist article, 60 Books Bill Gates Recommends. How Many Have You Read?, helps one understand Gates’ unique, prolific and diverse genius. Subject matter covers a broad range, including motivation, human nature, evolution, economics, business, innovation, history, character development, the environment, health and other challenges facing humanity. It has titles uplifting and titles most sobering. More than anything, the list reflects Gates’ avid consumption of information. The fact that he continues veracious learning at this point in his life and career speaks to his authentic curiosity and desire for personal growth. I have written about the importance of cultivating curiosity among sales professionals as one means to drive exceptional sales performance. In truth, every business professional would benefit terrifically from a mere sliver of Gates’ curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Maybe we can start with one book on his amazing list.


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