Mentoring Sales Leadership (MSL) is designed to develop the role of sales managers as coaches, counselors and effective motivators. MSL goes beyond traditional management skills to teach sales leaders how to tap the potential wisdom and rich experiences that reside within every sales force and to ensure that sales professionals are receiving the full benefit of their leader’s insight and experience.

In an increasingly impersonal business environment, MSL provides the emotional nourishment and energy needed to transform your team and advance the best traditions of your organization. Just as values and ethics are shared in a family by word and deed, an entire value system is communicated throughout an organization by those who mentor others. Additionally, sales mentoring is an effective vehicle for driving your strategy and gaining a competitive edge.

The Mentoring Sales Leadership™ workshop includes lectures, group discussions, team exercises and role-plays. Each sales mentoring program is customized to address the specific needs and challenges of your organization.

While your Carew sales training program will transform your sales professionals’ selling behaviors, an ongoing mentoring program at your company will further increase your reps’ self-reliance, expose each rep’s potential, and increase the productivity and profitability of your sales team.

The Importance of a Formalized Mentoring Sales Leadership Program

In this digital age, where much of the “human interaction” usually involves looking into a computer monitor, it’s unsurprising that most people feel isolated and disengaged. Disengaged sales professionals rarely operate at their full potential and can have a negative effect on your organization’s bottom line. As a sales leader, it is up to you to foster stronger relationships among your team. Such relationships create an environment of growth and support that keeps your employees engaged and motivated.

Sales mentorship programs equip you with the skills you need to motivate and inspire your employees to achieve their full potential and exceed their goals. With the proper sales mentorship skills, you’ll be able to facilitate an environment of trust and open communication on your sales team that will have a direct impact on your sales team’s collaboration and goal achievement.

Energetically embraced, and rigorously applied and reinforced, Mentoring Sales Leadership:

  • Increases self-reliance of your sales reps
  • Optimizes resources on your team
  • Exposes the potential of each sales rep
  • Creates a talent pool at your organization
  • Increases productivity
  • Increases profitability

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