Excellence in Sales Leadership™


Successful leadership is not a question of how much you know, but rather how well you execute. The Excellence in Sales Leadership (ESL) development program is designed to transform sales managers into sales leaders, equipping participants with proven tools and methodologies for maximizing the potential of every person on their team. Participants learn how to motivate their team, create an environment for success, get the most out of individual and team temperaments and talent, manage performance and foster professional development among their staff.

The ESL sales leadership training program empowers sales managers with specific tools and processes to solve problems and eliminate barriers. Assess performance, diagnose performance problems, and choose the best options from your “developmental strategy toolkit” to address them.

Learn to distinguish roadblocks to performance using Carew’s problem solving model and provide sales team members with prescriptive and actionable feedback to make effective changes.

This participatory sales management training program utilizes a variety of learning strategies, including high-energy lectures, group exercises and discussions, role-plays, hands on projects and a host of events that make for an impactful and memorable experience. Each ESL sales leadership training program can be customized to address the specific needs and challenges of your organization. The result will be an energized team working in alignment to achieve team business goals.


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