Sales Management and Leadership Development Programs

From its inception more than four decades ago, Carew International has recognized the distinction between management and leadership, and the critical role of leadership development programs in the success of any organization.

Quality leadership can inspire positive change in a challenged organization. It can bring the best trained, most talented team to its full potential. It motivates. It empowers.

Carew International offers an in-depth, energetic and progressive approach to Leadership Development. Our programs are designed to transform managers into leaders, with proven tools and methods for maximizing sales force effectiveness, elevating the potential of every team member and creating an environment for success. The result will be an energized team working in alignment to achieve your organization’s goals.

Maximizing Sales Force Effectiveness through Leadership Development

Historically, leadership development has been one of the greatest challenges in sales and customer service organizations. Why is it that, so often, the most successful sales or customer service professionals are promoted…only to falter or, in too many cases, fail altogether? A leadership failure results in the loss of valuable professional talent, as well as lost time and lost opportunity in what turned out to be a poor investment. Is it a lack of tools and training given to sales professionals as they move into a management role? Are sales and sales management functions so different as to require completely different skill sets? How can the qualities of a successful leader be accurately identified so that success can be predicted?

Carew International has developed a leadership curriculum to answer these questions and lend developmental science to what has too often been a guessing game. Our most popular sales leadership development programs — Excellence in Sales LeadershipResults-Producing LeadershipMentoring Sales Leadership and Transitioning to a Supervisory Role — address the full gamut of challenges and opportunities facing sales and customer service leadership. From assessing leadership potential in existing team members and preparing new managers for a supervisory role, to providing the broad spectrum of leadership skills needed to effectively manage, motivate and evaluate for optimal sales performance, Carew International’s sales leadership development programs have inspired thousands to excellence in management roles.

One key to Carew’s effectiveness in leadership development can be traced to our roots in communication training. All leadership skills and practices are built upon critical communication techniques and a methodology for exploring, understanding and utilizing the unique style of each team member for maximum contribution. A unique feature of each Carew leadership development program is the inclusion of self evaluation and realization by program participants. After all, a full understanding of one’s own needs, motivations and communication style is critical for developing effective skills to lead others.

Our in-depth leadership development programs include skill development in assessment, evaluation, motivation, coaching, problem solving and performance counseling. In addition, all of our seminars provide a participatory and engaging experience. Using a variety of learning strategies, Carew workshops include a combination of high-energy lectures, group exercises and discussions, role-plays, hands on projects and a host of dynamic events that create an impactful and memorable experience.

At Carew International, we recognize that no two businesses are exactly alike. That’s why customized training has always been a hallmark of our company. Each program is tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of the client organization. Whether the objective is comprehensive sales leadership training, or a more focused effort, such as coaching skills or transition assistance, Carew International will develop the ideal training curriculum for your organization’s unique culture and needs.

A critical (and often overlooked) component of leadership development is recognizing the potential of your existing sales team and identifying new talent who have the potential or can develop the necessary skills to become effective leaders. In order to fully support our clients’ leadership cultivation as a key element of long term success, Carew International has partnered with HR Chally Group to offer world class sales talent assessment and performance management tools. The collaboration between Chally and Carew International combines the strength of two internationally recognized leaders in their field, with a track record spanning three decades in sales management and leadership development, research, assessment, selection, and over 250,000 professional evaluations completed.

World class companies have come to realize that every other competitive advantage they can achieve in the marketplace (better products, better pricing, better technology, etc.) is fleeting with the exception of having better human capital. Nowhere is this more evident than in the quality of an organization’s sales and customer service leadership. Our sales talent assessment and performance management tools are designed to identify high potential for management, reduce costly turnover and maximize productivity. That human resources are the single greatest asset and competitive advantage of any organization is a primary tenet of the Carew philosophy. And the effectiveness of each leader within your sales or customer service team will impact countless others — both within and outside your organization. There is no doubt that their impact is significant. The question is whether that impact will be positive or negative. To maximize the contribution of your leadership team, contact Carew International about our leadership development programs and performance management tools.