Is the Art of Negotiation Dead?

November 7, 2018  |  Posted by in Negotiations

Your Checklist for Effective Sales Negotiations

Regardless of our individual political views, we can all celebrate the end of a painful campaign season! Watching the contentious political landscape, one might wonder if the art of negotiation is dead; it certainly seems to be a lost art on Capitol Hill. For sales professionals, negotiation skills are essential for success – not only for the deal at hand, but for the long-term health and productivity of our customer relationships. But it also represents one of the biggest challenges in sales for professionals who are not in tune with the key ingredients for effective negotiations:

Perspective – Effective negotiation isn’t about winning or losing; it’s about finding solutions and positive outcomes for both parties.

Insight – Sales professionals must explore to understand the customer’s key objectives and priorities. Without this insight, we don’t know where we have the greatest leverage or opportunity to satisfy our customers.

Quid Pro Quo – The power of quid pro quo (giving something in return for something) is that is appeals to a customer’s sense of fairness, and most human beings like to think of themselves as fair and reasonable people.

Carew has developed a detailed Negotiations Checklist for Sales Professionals, to guide you through a productive and successful negotiations process. The checklist features insights and reminders to ensure the key ingredients are not overlooked. Download the checklist here

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