Integration of Technology Critical for Customer Service, Sales Success

December 27, 2013  |  Posted by in Sales Training

Many businesses have started to more aggressively tackle a wide range of sales and customer service technology in the past several years, and when the strategies backing investments are well-designed, the organizations can enjoy stronger efficiency and effectiveness in these departments. Going into the new year, companies should work to integrate both technologies and relevant training procedures to drive successful performances among employees.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is likely the most popular type of technology currently being used by customer service representatives and sales professionals in the modern market. As such, all organizations must deploy customer service and sales training programs that enhance employees’ knowledge of the tools and how best to use them to strengthen loyalty and conversions.

Best practices of new technology
Mashable recently listed some of the most effective and efficient ways to strengthen the use of CRM software, as well as what steps need to be taken by employees on an everyday basis to drive loyalty through the use of the technology. First and foremost, companies must remember that data management is the name of the game in the modern customer service and sales department.

By focusing on information governance oversight and the development of employees who excel in data management practices, the company will be better positioned to see higher returns on CRM investments. According to Mashable, frustrated customers should be the first priorities for representatives, and the data garnered from the associated conversations should be directly loaded into the CRM system.

This will help sales professionals get a better idea of which pressure points are shining through most following a successful conversion. Additionally, the source stated that tracking customer behaviors and preferences can be made easy by CRM software, and expert use of the technology will uncover broader trends in target markets that can better inform strategic decision-making down the road.

Customer-centricity wins
Modern markets continue to be competitive amid widespread economic improvements and the rapid proliferation of new businesses. As such, companies that commit to becoming more customer-centric will most often excel in their pursuits of high conversion rates, strong loyalty and prolonged financial performance improvements.

This all begins and ends in the customer service and sales departments. Considering this fact, decision-makers would do well to ensure that employees in these positions are not overlooked, but rather supported with long-term and relevant training programs.

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