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How’s Your Elevator Pitch?

July 10, 2014  |  Posted by in Sales Training

These Few Words Pack a Lot of Punch

In his recent blog on, Geoffrey James shares the essential elements of an effective elevator pitch. His insights are on target, articulate, and worth sharing; but before we launch into James’ wisdom, it is worth examining the definition and purpose of the elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is a very brief and concise introduction of yourself and “what you do.” The term “elevator pitch” was bestowed to reflect the brief nature of this introduction (can be delivered in a 15-30 second elevator ride) rather than any real relevance to your physical location when you deliver it. The elevator pitch comes into play anytime you have the opportunity to introduce yourself/your organization/the products and services you sell to a new audience or individual. Because these opportunities are frequent and the event itself so brief, it is easy to underestimate the importance of your elevator pitch. Do so at your own risk. This is often your first impression on an individual. Given its importance and its brevity, the words in your elevator pitch should be very deliberate and impactful. A strong elevator pitch can create a differentiating advantage for you at the outset of your sales process. Read James’ How To Give a Flawless Elevator Pitch, and then invest the time to carefully hone your own!

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