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by | Nov 18, 2022 | Leader's Digest

In April of this year, a Gartner article stated that voluntary U.S. employee turnover should reach over 37 million people by the end of 2022, a nearly 20% increase from the pre-pandemic annual average. “New employee expectations, and the availability of hybrid arrangements, will continue to fuel the rise in attrition,” said Piers Hudson, senior director in the Gartner HR practice. As employees either begin or continue to take advantage of new hybrid work arrangements, Gartner research shows they are facing two issues: misalignment with leaders and achieving the flexibility they desire.

We are headed into a busy, fast-paced, perhaps overwhelming, albeit wonderful time, of year. We all have a lot going on, professionally and otherwise, and our team members’ ideal work environments may change based on their personal needs. As managers, we must understand that and offer flexibility. If we don’t, our employees could be among the 44% searching for new jobs this year, citing a flexible work arrangement as one of the top reasons they would move elsewhere.

To reduce employee turnover on our sales teams and increase employee satisfaction, we must look forward and design an employee experience that meets employees’ changing expectations and leverages the advantages of hybrid work.

Here are five tips businesses can apply to their employee retention and motivation strategy, according to a recent Forbes article.

  1. Implement consistent check-ins.
  2. Be proactive and offer flexible schedules.
  3. Overcommunicate.
  4. Recognize achievements, milestones, and special occasions.
  5. Invest in mental health training and resources.

A business’s most important asset is its people, so supporting employees on all accounts is critical: mental health, well-being, and work preferences and needs.

Read the full Forbes article here: How To Improve Employee Retention, Motivation And Wellness

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