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How to Communicate New Ideas to Clients

April 2, 2013  |  Posted by in Communication Skills

A large part of developing and growing a company is constantly innovating and introducing new products and services to the market. In sales training, professionals learn how to communicate with clients and let them know that the company offers new and improved options. But sometimes getting the importance of a new idea across isn’t always possible. Sales professionals oftentimes have a challenge ahead of them, and introducing revolutionary products or services for the first time to customers is no different. Communication skills and perseverance are key.

The Process
Launching a new concept and getting customers to accept and embrace it involves effort from the entire company. Harvard Business Review pointed out that an idea starts with no real direction or purpose. The entity supporting the idea will allow it to grow and become a successful venture for the organization. Defining the significance, direction and path necessary to take the idea far is the first step.

But part of the process is protecting and supporting an idea so it doesn’t falter or become useless to the company. The next step is creating a detailed report on how much the new product or service is going to be worth, look like, cost and how it’s going to be produced. This allows for businesses to see the bigger picture and the item’s overall impact.

How to Discuss
Just as properly planning an innovation helps the company figure out how to act next, plans are an important part of how to approach customers with upcoming advancements. Sales training programs develop the right communication and leadership skills in salespeople to fine-tune their relationships with clients. These skills will help when discussing new ventures and opportunities with clients in a way that encourages them to support the idea and move forward with a successful partnership. If customers are able to see how exciting new products or services will impact them or their company on a personal level and have an idea of how to incorporate the changes, they will be more likely to embrace it.

Communication is one of the key steps in developing and selling a new idea because it allows salespeople to give context, explain and deepen relationships with existing customers. Professionals who deal with inside sales know that the connections they have with clients are based on the interactions they have with them. Therefore, as companies start innovating and rolling out updates, products or services, they need to know how to discuss options and benefits, as well as take feedback from their valued customers.

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