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December 17, 2015  |  Posted by in Communication Skills, Sales Excellence, Seasonal

In the business world, the next two weeks are widely considered the slowest period of the year. But before you write off the coming days as inconsequential, consider the unique opportunities presented this time of year and how you can leverage them as part of your sales strategy:

Cultivate Customer Relationships

This is the perfect time of year to personally connect with customers; in part, because they are more accessible.  While it is true that folks tend to take more personal time during the holidays, they also halt business travel and have fewer meetings and events scheduled at the office. The result is more people answering their phone or accommodating visitors. For these reasons, it may also be the perfect opportunity to catch up and chat with an elusive prospect.

Year end is a most appropriate time to thank existing customers for their business and support throughout the year. Cultivate a more personal connection by asking your customers about their plans over the Holiday and New Year.  Even if your company sends a Holiday greeting or gift, you should engage key customers in your own personal way.


Those “slow” days in your office present the perfect opportunity to take some time and get organized – what a nice gift to yourself for the New Year!

Recharge Your Batteries

Take advantage of the reduced activity at work and time out of the office to truly relax, unplug, and enjoy yourself.  It may feel like an indulgence in the moment, but recharging your batteries over the coming weeks will provide great benefits when you return in January rested, energized and ready to launch a spectacular year in consultative selling!

Happy Holidays and Great Selling from your friends at Carew!



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