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Going Social is Important for Today’s Sales Professionals

June 25, 2013  |  Posted by in Customer Service

While social media is certainly becoming extremely popular among all demographics, some businesses still haven’t gotten on board with using these networking tools. However, companies simply can’t afford to ignore social networking and the effect it has on buying habits any longer. Leveraging the right customer service training programs, leaders may be able to give their staff the know-how to turn online browsers into regular patrons.

Customers rely on social
According to Business Review Weekly, it is critical for retailers to recognize that shoppers simply don’t follow the same patterns they used to when buying merchandise. The source cited a study from marketing agency SiriusDecisions that found a staggering 70 percent of customers have completed the purchase decision-making process before encountering a salesperson in the flesh. The news provider stated that once a person is face-to-face with an employee, they have likely already learned about the product they wish to purchase, and they’ve probably read online reviews. If they decide to go through with the transaction, they may take to social platforms as well to share their opinion of the item and their experience at the storefront.

Bdaily Business News said that in order to retain customers and reach new ones, companies must dive into social media. If a business is online, it can engage with patrons through its personal profiles, address any concerns or reviews and add value to the customer-retailer relationship by having meaningful discussions or sharing relevant content. This makes consumers feel appreciated, which is imperative. In fact, the news provider noted that a study by the Rockwell Corporation found 68 percent of respondents admitted to leaving a product or service because they didn’t feel cared for.

Don’t forget face-to-face interaction
Even as social media becomes a more important component of business’ sales strategies, it is critical that interpersonal skills don’t fall to the wayside as a result. If potential customers are drawn in by a store’s online presence and decide to visit its brick-and-mortar location, they must be met with knowledgeable, friendly and skilled employees. If workers are prepared to be proactive problem-solvers and act as the face of the company, prospective customers will quickly be turned into repeat ones. They could even choose to share their positive experiences with friends and family through various channels, including social media. Online networking is a cycle that face-to-face interactions can strongly influence.

With a high-impact, interactive customer service training program, enterprises can empower their employees to develop both more traditional sales skills and ones that will help the business compete in today’s increasingly technology-reliant world. It takes a personal touch to really teach staff how to communicate with others, but seeking out professionals who can offer more tailored, human approaches will have a measurable effect on results.

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